Interview with Abdel Moneim Abu Al Futuoh – Egyptian presidential candidate

Q: I wish to start the interview from your background. How was your experience to face President Sadat at the Universityof Cairo, and to challenge him in front of the other participants?

A: I started to be in the student Unions at the ends of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies after Abdel Nasser’s death. During the begging of Sadat era we had more freedom which give us the chance to make more activities in the university like the cultural, serving and social activities, then I become a member in the student union, then the president of the students Union at faculty of Medicine, and finally the head ofEgyptstudents’ union media. This gave us the chance to participate more in political activities, having a connection with the Egyptian universities until the activities became well known under the name of the Islamic Movement in the Egyptian universities.


Q: You told Sadat: “Why do you surround yourself with hypocrites who do not work forEgypt’s interest? Why do you keep all the good people away, and where is this country going?”, can you tell us what happened in Sadat meeting with you and the students’ movement?

A: There was an open meeting with President Sadat and the students’ unions at the university after the events of January 1977. That year people were really angry and went out to the street to protest against the high prices of foods and basic goods; it was a sort of revolution too against the overwhelming power of the army. were so high and he made the security  devices and the army stop them and the events ended with getting the  prices of the main products less and then Sadat made an open meeting with the political movements and Egypt’s student union and the other  student movements and that was I his resident in Cairo or a place near  to Cairo and it was an open meeting with everyone and it was on TV then president Sadat got a ngry because of my talking with him and I was  just fresh graduated but I was one  of the leaders of the students movement.


Q: How was important for you to be a member of the MB and for your political life?

A: The MB were in the prison till the middles of the seventies when they were released; then they get in touch with the students movements and there was a kind of understanding between each other, and they became one  movement, and also they became more active all over Egypt, either in the cities and the universities. In 1981 Sadat arrested all the political activists for one year and most of the MB’s members were in prison until we were released again. However, we started another movement and continue our activities. After few years we, as a Muslim Brotherhood, joined the workers unions and the parliament with Al Wafd Party in 1984; at that time I became the executive secretary of the Doctors unions and I am still keeping this position until now.


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