Interview with Al Zaafarani – leader of the Al Nahda party


Interview with Al Zaafarani – leader of the Al Nahda party

Q: Good evening Mr Zaafarani, candidate for  Presidential election in January  and vice head in Al Nahda party.

 A: Sorry, I’m not a candidate,

 Q: Will the party support a candidate from inside or outside itself?

 A: We will discuss the matter with other political parties too after the parliament general elections. We may choose someone who represents us from other parties because we didn’t register our one yet.

 Q: Who are these other parties that Al Nahda will discus with?

 A: There are three national coalitions’ blocks, and there is a group in the middle called the Revolution’s Youth Coalition, we definitely will be with the latter because is formed by the young people who started the spark of the revolution.

 Q : Which one is program of Al Nahda party? And which one its goals inside the party and with the other parties for the future ofEgypt?

 A: Our goal is to make an Democratic society that ensure the freedom of press, opinion and of making a political parties, guarantee the authority on the polling places, separation between the three main powers, to raise the economy and the national distribution of social justice, to rise the salaries for the employers, we want to remove this huge gap between the social classes, to eliminate slums, we will work for the poor class.

 Q: these are all really great goals, but at the same time which one is the way that the party is technically implement them?

 A: We take the education and the scientific research as the way to reach out achievements. We will rise the education budget, we will build more schools, teaching modern subjects which follow the international standards; we will look forward to improve the teachers knowledge level, and give the teachers the chance to improve the students knowledge and give us a well educated generation.

 Q: Which political system the Al Nahda party see forEgypt? Parliamentary or presidential one?

 A: We want it half parliament and half presidential, likeFrancesystem, because we tried the presidential system and it brought of an increase of President’s power on the parliament which led to conflicts between the two parties and led to a weak government.

 Q: Is there fear that a new presidential system will bright to have another dictator like Mubarak?

 A: I think we will not see another dictator again. Because anyone who wants to become the new dictator knows that there are the Shabab who can remove him at any time. They know that the police and all security agencies will not do anything against the Shabab for the second time; the people know how to topple the authority even though they believed it was impossible. After many people died and got hurt just few people believed that they succeed … so now the Governor knows that the people is able to overthrow the governors.


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