Interview with Mohamed El Morsy – Head and leader of the Freedom and Justice Party

Q: What separation does exist between the Freedom and Justice party and the MB?

A: The MB decided to make a political party, The Freedom and Justice one, which will be 100% independent from the organization. The party will exercise the political activities privately, and it will compete for the political rallies; the MB’s internal junta established-decided to conceive special freedom to the party, that will be politically, economically, financially and administratively independent.

Q: Is it a paradox, because at the end was the FM organization that decided who would have been the leaders of the party?

A: Because the organization decided for the initial phase to register the F&J at the official-legal Egyptian political parties committee; a political party which has different voices inside, and a special goal for the electoral phase. The MB chose the leader of the new party, the vice and the administrative head through consultation its internal parliament, all the latter’s members. According to the Egyptian law, this is completely legitimate.

Q: Is still cooperation and communication between the F&J party and the MB?

A: This is the second phase: after June 2011 the F&J party goes on its own.

Q: Why some members from the MB were expelled just because the joined some other political parties?

A: Because the violated-contravene the decision of the MB’s internal parliament which stated that the members of the organization cannot join other party except the F&J one. The Brotherhood has principles and goals, ideology and rules and its members believe and agree on all these values; the F&J party has the same bases and same principles … with specialization on the political field. If I am based on these principles, I cannot say I can be a liberal party, or a socialist one … I cannot support all of these values and principle at the same time. Like human being I have personal decisions and thoughts, how an American can be member of the Democratic and Republican party at the same time? This is why the MB decided before making the party, which its members could not embrace others parties apart from that one the organization would have established. Who did not agree was free to leave the organization. Anyway, the people who really left the MB don’t arrive at 15! The issue is that there is a penalty for the people who go against the organization’s decisions, this is something that happens in any field and company … it is impossible that a person can be a Mercedes and Chevrolet board director at the same time.

Q: Do you think that the Brotherhood needs a kind of renewal in the structure, and also its political/democratic decision process?

A: All the bases, the methods, the mechanisms, the administration fields … need developments and changes, except the goals and the purposes … In Egypt now there are a lot of changes: there is freedom, democracy, freedom of movement … which brings the Brotherhood organization to develop to become more suitable according to the country internal situations. But the framework is still the same, it does not need reforms; we are introducing new management ways and techniques. There is already a democratic election process into the organization.


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