Interview with Rashad Al Bayumi, vice leader from the Muslim Brothers

This is one of my last work and project I am focusing on, in collaboration with the photographer Carlo Gianferro ( It is the interview with Dr Rashaad Al Bayumi, vice leader of the MB.


Q= Question

A= Answer

Q: To make the the brotherhood image clear for the Italian medias and readers, what’s you name?

A: My name is Rashaad Mohamed Ali Al-Bayumi.

Q: Since the age of Hassan El Banna, the founder of the MB, are there newer ideas or thoughts closer to modern ones?

A: No, it’s just Hassan El Banna’s idea, because it comes directly from the Islam’s values and it’s related to prophet Mohamed principles, so there is nothing new, apart from dealing with some matters that show up related to modern life, because we live in it.

El Banna didn’t think about making a party because political parties in his era weren’t interested to evaluate the national issue. After the latest changes of this year, there are many parties which we have to consult, to discuss, to meet and to be in disagreement … but the original principles of the MB follows it’s the Islamic values which the Prophet Mohamed brought to us.

Q: How the Muslim Brotherhood deals with technologies like Facebook, internet … and also what the brotherhood’s youth do with them?

A: Using the technology is something normal we should do, because Allah asked us to do it, he said that we have to use the science to get what we want and the first thing Allah said to us in the holy Quran is “READ”, it means the that we have to learn and use our knowledge to help the people, in the holy Quran you will find this meaning to encourage you to learn; the prophet Mohamed said to us: “Go and learn even you will find this science in China”. So we are keened to learn any kind of technology and science, and use them because this is our principles.

About the youth there is no a huge problem like people says. There are few people who from a small problem a big one, exaggerating it. Some of this youth have some ideas and thoughts which don’t match the Brotherhood’s principles; in this case, if they don’t agree with those principles, then they have just to choose between following their way and then to be outside the MB.

By the way, youth, and not youth, should be under the flag of the Muslim Brotherhood all together, because the nowadays young members will be the older of tomorrow, and after tomorrow they will be the elders. Therefore, there is no difference between MB’s members: everyone should be under the umbrella of the Brotherhood. Unfortunately, the manoeuvred media amplify this problem even though in reality is not like that at all. The day before yesterday, we had a big meeting in the headquarter conference hall with thousands of students from the Brotherhood, a confrontation between them and the MB’s General Guidance and the general leader himself (Mohamed Badiaa) … it was a great meeting.

Q: after years, finally the MB made a party (Freedom and Justice), what are its goals? And which one are the proposals for reforming the constitution and the laws inEgypt? And, which solution proposes to solve the social problems in the country?

A: The MB had a chance to make a political party right after the revolution, we considered to make a political party to participate in this new political life; this doesn’t mean that the Muslim Brotherhood don’t participate in politics, because politic is part of the root of our principles and in our religion, because there is no separation between religion and politics.

Q: … then there should be some sort of relation and communications between the MB and the Brotherhood’s party Freedom and Justice, shouldn’t there?

A: The party is the son of the Muslim Brotherhood, so the Brotherhood will direct it till becomes strong; however there is separation in the financial and management bureau, as well as in some points of view. Also the competition between the party and the other parties is sometimes separated from the organization, probably there will be other parties that will come to ask us advices, it will be our party which will deal with this.

Q: But there are some contrast, because the MB couldn’t participate in the politics before but now they did, this is something good because it clear the above contrast, doesn’t it?

A: Politics are just one of the main principles for us and even before the revolution. We were involved in anything was against this country, and also in other Muslim countries, like Palestine war, or the Suez Canal war which the brotherhood’s youth participated against England, for the political disagreement for the deal between Egypt and England in the 50s, these are politics. So this matter should be clear, the only thing we didn’t have free space to show it during that era. When we have the chance to make a political party, we did.

Q: About the Constitution, does the Muslim Brotherhood want a new one? Or reform the current one is enough? Or do they want to draw a new one after the parliament’s elections?

A: According to the SCAF’s announcement (Security Council of the Army Force), there will be parliament elections first and then choose a committee to draw a new Constitution, thereby will be held the Presidential General Election. We will not accept less than this.

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