Video Rivolta Egitto – Egyptian Revolt dal-from 22 Nov. 2011

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Samples of some videos – Alcuni video …

November 22nd. TAHRIR, CAIRO. Egypt

Mohmed Mahmud Street, Egyptian Ministry of Interior. Nov 22nd 2011. Local time 02:28

 Two Children in Tahrir – Due bambini a Tahrir. Nov 22nd 2011. Hour 22:49

D: “Come ti chiami?” — R: “Hisham” — D: “Che stai facendo qui in piazza Tahrir?” — R: “Combatto per il mio paese” — D: “Quanti anni hai?” — R: “Quattordici anni” — D: “La tua famiglia sa che sei qui?” — R: “No” — D: “E la tua famiglia dove è?” — R: “Ad Beni Suef” — D: “A Beni Suif!”, è una località che si trova a circa 150 km al sud de Il Cairo. R: “Sì, lontanissima” — D: “Come siete arrivati qua?” — R: “Con il treno” — D: “Da soli?” — R: “Sì” — D: “Da quanto tempo siete qua a Tahrir?” — R:  “Da dopo mezzogiorno” — D: “È stata una vostra decisione?” — R: “Sì”

NOVEMBER 22nd 2011. TAHRIR, CAIRO. Egypt

17:22 Tahrir St with the cross with Youssef El Gendy St. that brings to the AUC

17:25 Tahrir St with the cross with Youssef El Gendy St. to the way of Falaky Sq

17:26 Finally I arrived in Falaky Sq. Still lots of bikes going and coming to the main points.

17:34 I entered the Falaki St. There is flat burning, it is part of Babaluk Market. There are firemen, at the end of the video you can see the police standing on the other side

17:34 Still in Falaky St. I had to run away, the street was getting full of tear gas. I wore a gas mask and swimming mask to protect eyes and throat, but was impossible to breath.

17:36 Returned to Falaky Sq, breathing out. They said the gas bring cancer, I worried. I kept filming the street I just come from, still a lot of tear gas, people watch too, they seem to be used to it. There is a guy who spraied a gel liquid into my eyes to get rid of the burning!

17:40 I make a small describtion of what is going on. Still Falaky Sq. The street where I was running away and the parallel one, Mansour St, are the two ones that bring to the Ministry of Interior, which represent still the old regime power. The Shabeb try to get through, but the police stands and shoot tear gas and rubber bullets. [Comments are in Italian]

Time 17:41 – Falaky Sq. Still recovering, approching next street Mansour.

Time 17:48. I am going along side Falaky Sq. At the end of the of the first frame you can see at the end the Abdin Palace, from the former king Farouk. From the streen on the right, Mansour, there are many people injured by inhalating gas, which causes vomiting, fainting, dizziness and intoxication. There are people standing with motorbikes waiting for the injured to take on the bike and going to Tahrir, where there are camp hospitals.

 Time 17:53. Mansour St. A tear gas bullet went to a balcony approximately ar the 5th floor. People are fighting back and forward the police that is standing in the half way to Ministry of Interior at Mansour St.

 Time 18:00. Abd El Salem Aref. The other side of Falaky Sq. It is possible to spot the election slogans for the supposely coming general elections on Nov. 28th

 Time 18:02. A young girl is screaming loud against the policemen, attempting to go against them, the people around retain her to do so. After a while the people start to question me what I was doing there.

 Time 18:09. Going again torward Mansour St. Now the youth can get inside. From my point of view the police’s tactic is to push forward and step back, forward and step back. Probably to gather closer to the Ministry of Interior during the night.

 Time 18:10. Once inside the darkness is coming and the camera is weakening. Police shoot many tear gas, a guy tried to steel my mobile, but I held strongly.

 Time 18:12. Inside Mansour St. People are making clang like to incite each other.

 Time 22:43. Back to Tahrir during the night. Doctors are giving medical supports to the injured. The camp hospitals are very well equiped, they are constantly provided of everything.

 Time 22:49 Two Children in Tahrir coming by train from Bein Suef city – Due bambini a Tahrir provenienti dalla cittadina di Bein Suef.

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