Video rivolta egitto – egyptian revolt dal-from 20th nov 2011

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November 21st. TAHRIR, CAIRO. Egypt

 Time 00:49. Tahrir Sq at night. I had just returned to Cairo few hours before from Vienna.

 Time 01:28. After a while I take courage and I enter the Tahrir St. to the way of Falaky Sq

 Time 01:30. Walking in the street. It is dark, I start sneezing and the throat is soaring. A lot of movement around me.

 Time 01:38. There are shooting in the streets, people moving around, tear gas, sounds, it is difficult to understand what is going on.

 Time 01:44. I am still in Tahrir St, facing Youssef El Gendy St and the other further down Falaky St where the police just shot a tear gas. People are coughing and sneezing as me.

 Time 01:49. The youth make some fire, probably to light the street that i completely dark.

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