Video Rivolta Egitto – Egyptian Revolt dal-from 21st Nov. 2011

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Samples of some videos – Alcuni video …

November 21st. TAHRIR, CAIRO. Egypt

Time 23:51 The tend on the left is a hospital that takes care about all injured coming from Mohamed Mahmud

Time 23:53 Still Tahrir Sq7

Time 23:58 Tahrir, there is a old man writing messagens that he posts on the floor and let people read. I didn’t have time to read, my Arabic is good but slow, he seems that even in January and February 2011 was in the square doing the same.

NOVEMBER 22nd, 2011

 Time 00:02. Tahrir, close to the other hospital. After 9 months the Tahrir spirit, the same of January and February seems to have come back between all people in the square.

 Time 00:08. In Tahrir, sa you can see, there are a lot of ambulances coming and going that take the injured people to the hospital. As far as Dr Wahdi Iddin told me, there are many people who prefer to be cured in the square because otherwise they might be scheduled and put in jail later by the police and the secret service.

Time 00:19 Tahrir with the cross of Mohamed Mahmud where the clashes between the police and the shabeb. Mohamed Mahmud is completely dark, all light have been shut down, and from the Tahrir the vision is really surreal and scaring.

 Time 00:21. Still another perspective of Mohamed Mahmud from Tahrir

 Still another perspective of Mohamed Mahmud

 Time 00:35. Chanting against Marshal Tantawi

 Time 01:24. Ambulances in Tahrir, people help as they can, solidarity between each other.

 01:31. People in Tahrir help to bring the injured to the camp hospital into the square

 Time 01:37. Once again still approching the entrance of Tahrir St.

 Time 01:45. I get into Youssef El Gendy St. Moving slowly, it is really dark at the beginning

 Time 01:49. I take courage and I enter the Youssef El Gendy st where just the day before the youth were fighting against the police. People seem walk in it easly, I follow thinking to go ahead just a bit more and come back immediatly. Almost at the end the tear gas is really intense, people are coughing and vomiting.

 Time 01:51. I go along all the Youssef El Gendy st arriving at Mohmed Mahmud. The youth are chanting against Tantawi. Not everyone wear tear gas mask and glogles to protect the eyes. The air is really heavy.

Time 01:52 Fire in one house in MM, it is not clear if it has been caused by the police shooting.

 Still into MM street

 Still into MM street II

 Time 02:01. Someone is trying to extinguish the fire

 Time 02:04. I carry on in MM, in front of me there is another fire just turn on by the young. I still thinking to go ahead just a bit more, but instead I do not realize that I am completely involved and “fascinated” by what is going on around me, it is like a sort of adrenaline that permeated me.

 Time 02:07. The flame gets more intense lighting all building around. On the left there is Flaky St, the same where I was yesterday but from the other side.

 Time 02:11 …… Me …. I have just taken off the google bcz I couldn’t see any more.

 Time 02:13. I took Falaky St from MM St. People are still coming and going, like the interchange.

 I walked throuhg Babaluk market arriving to Mansour St. I am just taking pictures now but I forget the camera on. Just in front of my eyes I see the Ministry of Interior, but at that moment I didn’t realize at first. I rise the Iphone to film behind me, but instead of starting the video I turn it off.

 Time 02:25. I arrive once again to MM St from Mansour. There is another big fire b4 the cross. A guy wants to show my the bullets and the tear gas cylinder he cautgh from the street. People are fueling the fire with wood and other things.

 Time 02:26. Meanwhile I filming the fire, I realize that the Mnistry of interior is just in front of me!!! People are standing, on the other side, just 50 meters in front of them there is the army with guns and tanks.

 Time 02:28. Before probably I didn’t spot it right: I am at 100/150 meters from the Ministry of Interior. I almost shocked when I see it, I didn’t realize as much I walked and how the situation got me!

 Time 02:30. Still the Ministry of Interior protected by the Army

 Time 02:32. I try to get a panoramic from above a steir from the Ministry of Interior protected by the Army

 Time 02:35. On my way back to Flaky Sq through Mansour St

Still a video to upload, but even thou it is just one more, I would like to finish this blog story with these 3 photos on my way back to Falaky Sq from Mansour St, which give a real understanding of the situation, a family returning back home broght by a car, probably a relative. The driver is horning to wake the porter up, from the car a family gets off, mother and father keeping in the arms the two kids; their movements are scattering, frenetic … they want to get inside as quick as possible, you can feel thier fear on their shoulders, and I feel a bit like a thief.

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